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Wellness Visits

Wellness Visits Services Offered in Falmouth, ME

Caring for yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore. Well visits at Higher Ground Women’s Health make you feel good about taking care of your health because providers make you feel comfortable, safe, and understood. Led by Lisa Parsons, DO, it’s the first gynecology practice in Falmouth, Maine, based on the direct care model. Stop dreading your annual exam. Schedule a free discovery call by phone or online to get started.

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Stop dreading your annual exam. Caring for yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore. At Higher Ground Women’s Health, you’ll feel comfortable, safe, and understood.

Wellness Visits FAQ

What are well visits?

Well visits are annual exams that encompass your whole-body health, particularly emphasizing your female reproductive system and overall female health.

At Higher Ground Women’s Health, well visits differ from what you might be used to. Our goal is to help you stop dreading your exam because caring for yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore. You’ll feel comfortable, safe, and understood here.

What do well visits include?

Well visits include a complete range of women’s health care needs, including a physical exam, Pap smear, and basic blood work.

You’ll discuss many topics with Dr. Lisa during your exam, including your sexual health, contraception, problems such as heavy periods, menopause symptoms, and infertility. Well visits include plenty of time to discuss your needs and goals — no 15-minute visits here!

Most patients opt for a direct care membership, which includes women’s well visits and many other benefits.

What is direct care?

Direct care is a fee-for-service model that bypasses the insurance company entirely. It allows the patient and provider to operate outside the restrictions of an insurance company’s policies. With direct care, physicians contract directly with the patient.

Higher Ground Women’s Health doesn’t accept insurance because they believe medical care should be accessible and straightforward. The direct care model offers predictable costs at a manageable price. Without the red tape of insurance, your providers can focus on what they do best — taking care of you.

Is a membership required for well visits?

Memberships are recommended, but not required, for well visits and services. We feel membership offers the best value for your money and supports a long-lasting relationship with your provider. You’re free to choose:


Predictable costs. Unparalleled care. Membership at Higher Ground Women’s Health offers numerous benefits. Learn more about what your $125* per month membership includes by scheduling a free discovery call or by visiting our membership pricing brochure.

Private pay

If you’d like to check out Higher Ground Women’s Health as a consult, annual wellness visit, or if you only need a procedure, individual pricing (non-member fees) per service or per procedure is available. For more information, visit the pricing page.

To learn more about well visits and the direct care model, schedule your free discovery call at Higher Ground Women’s Health by phone or online today. We look forward to meeting you and to caring for you.