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Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support Services Offered in Falmouth, ME

Fifteen to thirty minutes for your postpartum check-in isn’t enough. Life changes after having a baby, and often you need more than thirty minutes of postpartum support. Higher Ground Women’s Health in Falmouth, Maine, is the first gynecology practice in Maine based on the direct care model. Led by Lisa Parsons, DO, they provide a safe place to land and a soft place to sit. To learn more about postpartum and membership services available, schedule your free discovery call by phone or online today.

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Fifteen to thirty minutes for your postpartum check-in isn’t enough. Life changes after having a baby. We provide a safe place to land (and a soft place to sit).

Postpartum Support FAQ

What is postpartum support?

Postpartum support is women’s health care after birth. While you do a lot of preparation for birth, it’s very common to neglect your own wellness afterward.

Many women are so busy caring for their new babies that they forget that the baby needs a happy and healthy mom to grow and thrive. Many OB/GYNs schedule one quick 15-30 minute postpartum checkup, but you deserve more.

Higher Ground Women’s Health offers comprehensive postpartum support to help you navigate all the changes that happen when you have a baby. We offer a safe place to land (and a soft place to sit) when you need it the most.

What does postpartum support include?

Life changes after having a baby, so you might experience questions and concerns you’ve never had before. Higher Ground Women’s Health offers a supportive environment where you can discuss anything. Dr. Lisa has extensive experience in hospital and private practice settings, giving her unique knowledge of what works and doesn’t work in traditional postpartum care. Postpartum support includes help with all of the following:

  • Healing following vaginal or C-section birth
  • Hormones
  • Postpartum bleeding
  • Urinary tract issues like leaking urine
  • Sore breasts, mastitis, and breastfeeding-related issues
  • Sexual health care
  • Pelvic floor support

Dr. Lisa customizes your postpartum support based on your unique needs. Appointments last longer and allow plenty of time to discuss questions and concerns.

How long do I need postpartum support?

You need postpartum support for at least six weeks following your baby’s birth. Higher Ground Women’s Health Care offers a direct care membership plan that many women find helpful in getting the high level of personalized postpartum support they need.

With the membership plan, you pay a monthly fee and get expanded access to personalized care. You’ll have direct access to Dr. Lisa by phone and through email. You can schedule telehealth or in-person visits as needed and receive wholesale pricing on labs and medications.

The membership plan bypasses the insurance company, so you skip all the red tape and get a higher level of care that insurance could (and would) never provide.

Postpartum support is about wanting more, reaching for safety, and a higher vantage point. This is everything you deserve. To learn more about postpartum support at Higher Ground Women’s Health, call the office or click the online scheduling feature to arrange your discovery call now.