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Dr. Lisa Parsons, DO

BOARD-CERTIFIED OB-GYN Located in Falmouth, ME

Dr Parsons considers Guilford CT her hometown while growing up ( she moved around a lot before she was in third grade-long story) . When she went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs NY, her family moved to Maine . Little did she know at the time what a wonderful gift that was.  She pursued her osteopathic medical degree at the University of New England in Biddeford Maine, and graduated at Maine Medical Center after her obstetrics and gynecology residency in 2005. In addition to being a board certified ob-gyn and bringing many lives into the state of Maine , Dr Parsons also loves contributing to our medical future by being a teacher and discipline chief of reproductive endocrinology at her alum UNECOM, in addition to working with residents at Maine Medical Center.

After much time in the traditional model, Dr Parsons opened two exciting businesses in Falmouth Maine. First being Mindful Roots in 2019 , a medical spa whose focus is pelvic floor strengthening , incontinence, sexual health, skin resurfacing, and injectables in which she co-owns with Dr Daniel DO and Dr Krouse DO. The second , Higher Ground Women’s Health  is her passion project that she opened in 2022. Combining traditional women’s health with holistic options, sound healing, intuition, and energetics. It has been heart felt and powerful!

Yes there is more! Dr Parsons has also aligned with CCRM IVF in Boston October 2023 to bring a satellite office to Maine. This gives our Maine patients options with their infertility journey while decreasing the distance they need to drive to have these options! It feels so good to provide this service that includes ultrasounds and blood work to our Maine residents.

Finally, Dr Parsons continues to expand her practice and her mind by being open to all that feels aligned and is a “heck yes” to whatever comes her way.

Other interests include scuba diving and really anything that involves the ocean , travel, friends, family, her bulldogs, and partner Charlie.

Life is full! It  keeps getting better,  and I feel like I am just getting started!

Fun Facts About Lisa Parsons

Favorite Dog

Bulldog ⁠— especially her own! Lisa has two bulldogs named Bella and Will.

Favorite Color

Aquamarine. Fittingly, this color is long associated with healing and wellness.

Pet Peeve

Aggressive and inconsiderate drivers, otherwise known as “jerks.”

Most Unique Destination

The Soviet Union, shortly after Chernobyl, where Lisa witnessed Lenin’s tomb in the Red Square.

Hope And Dream

For us all to feel safe and secure, and for people everywhere to have the support of a medical team they trust.

Favorite Music

Anything from the 80’s (although “Higher Ground” was inspired by a hit from 1993).