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5 Things to Think About Before Going to the Hospital

5 Things Before Going To The Hospital …..Not Necessarily In Order. Plan Is …There Is No Absolute Plan! Obviously Many More Things Could Be On This List But…….

5 Things before going to the hospital …..not necessarily in order.

Plan is …there is no absolute plan! Obviously many more things could be on this list but…….

1. Childcare for when you go into labor… A couple of backup plans would be a good idea … because babies have their own timeline! Average stay in the hospital is 2-3 days but can be longer depending on the situation! Have yourself covered for 7days with some wiggle room just to cover the unknowns.

2. Ask about any virtual tours of the birthplace. I find a visual to be helpful. Any virtual classes that are available to you, consider them.

3. Comfort bag- Bring your own toothpaste! (hospital toothpaste in general….. not the best) throw in some of your own shampoo, moisturizer and anything that will make you feel good. Pillow, fuzzy blanket, nice socks, and I personally love the battery operated tea lights. High quality lip conditioner! Hospital air is very DRY. Your own mask if it suites you.

4. Breast Pump- your insurance may help cover cost. Inquire.

5. Postpartum support- Yes start thinking about this if possible BEFORE you have your baby. It is important to ask and receive help. That control and do everything yourself drive will NOT SERVE YOU. Food chain, errands, even a postpartum doula (maybe a virtual doula or home nurse visit) ask you providers and community what is available.


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