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Healthcare should be about making you feel good. We’re bringing a new way of accessing the services you need — with the care you deserve.

You Deserve More

  • More time to tell your story. More of a relationship with your provider.
  • More human contact on the other end of the phone. More advocacy, access, and flexibility.
  • More laughter, safety and joy.
  • Don’t settle for less.
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Why Direct Care?

“I am going to be the first gynecologist in Maine to start a practice on the direct care model!”

Direct care…what? Direct care is personalized, but it doesn’t mean (necessarily) that you’re going to one of those fancy, concierge doctors in Beverly Hills (although there’s nothing wrong with fancy doctors!) Instead, direct care is a shift — a revolution in the traditionally complicated payment processes that healthcare is known for. It’s based on the foundation — and belief — that we are taking control away from the bureaucracy, restrictions, and unsustainable requests of the insurance companies, and in turn the hospitals, that contribute to making modern healthcare inaccessible and unsustainable.

Burnout and dissatisfaction in the medical community is at an all-time high. Providers are encouraged to focus solely on productivity with little regard for patient experience. This attitude of “See more patients, but with less resources” leads to one inevitable outcome. Both patients and physicians suffer. People in need of care are left instead with unsatisfactory experiences and even less stellar results. The direct care model connects patients directly to their providers. With open communication and transparent pricing, direct care empowers a healthcare environment focused on individualized and mindful care. Most of us have been trained to leave our well-being in the hands of the healthcare companies. We think that the only way we can access high-quality care is through our networks. Many people think that paying for care out-of-pocket means consigning themselves to financial ruin. But insurance isn’t without its costs. On top of premiums, participants pay high deductibles, co-payments, costs beyond the “scope” of your visit, fluctuating medication costs, and more. Insurance may be common, but it’s certainly not straightforward — and that’s for those lucky enough to even have it.

Direct care puts your costs — and your well-being — squarely back into your hands. Our transparent pricing and affordable membership plan puts you in control. Even better, your investment in yourself gives you unprecedented access to your medical team. That means when you have questions or need care, someone is there. To be sure, it’s a different way to think about covering healthcare costs — but then again, we do things differently here. The direct care model frees us (both) to focus on what really matters — you and your well-being.

Take Control Of Your Health. Care. Costs.

Learn more about direct care, the services we offer, and what to expect.

Services And Pricing

About Dr. Lisa Parsons, DO

Dr. Lisa Parsons is a board-certified ob-gyn. She attended the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, from which she graduated in 2001. She completed her residency at Maine Medical Center in 2005. As an entrepreneur and trailblazer, Dr. Lisa is excited to be opening Higher Ground Women’s Health, the first gynecology practice in Maine following the direct care model. She is so excited to be providing this service to the community, and to be following her inner compass.

About Lisa

What Makes Us Different

Patient-Centered Care

We’re focused on just one thing — you. Direct care allows patients and practitioners to develop a relationship based on comfort and trust.

Simplified Billing

In-network? Out-of-network? We take the guesswork out of healthcare costs with transparent, accessible pricing.

Years Of Experience, At Your Fingertips

You’ll benefit from Dr. Lisa’s experience as a OB/GYN and intimate understanding of both allopathic and osteopathic practices — all with unprecedented provider access.

Voted one of Maine’s best OB/GYNs in DownEast Magazine